Basic Arduino Workshop is the easy simple way to teach kids about Microcontroller boards and its functions with components 

Arduino Uno is very simple to understand and to work with using IDE.

It very Simple to learn Arduino.

You just need 3 hours to understand its basics and you are done with all basic. Then regular practice will help further.

Steps of 180 Minutes including Practical

Session 1: Understanding Power Circuits and connections ( 60 minutes)

  • 20 Min Introduction with ppt
  • 05 Min Understanding Arduino Power PinOuts (VCC, Vin, GND) ( Q& A )
  • 20 Min Practice with Power Circuits and understand basic components.
  • 10 Min Making a GPCB with Button, LEDs, Buzzer and Battery
  • 05 Min Basic Concepts with Terminology used while making. ( Volt, Resistance etc)

Session 2: Arduino UNO ( RX, TX, Digital and Analog pins) ( 30 minutes) 

Session 3: Sensors ( Input Devices) ( 30 minutes) 


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