In Rapid prototyping 3D printing one process to develop solid products according to your design.

Its really simple to learn 3D Printing It would take 30 min to understand CAD and to understand 3D Printer with its process will take more 30 min in short in 60 min you can complete basic learning of 3D printing.

Let’s Learn first Step Computer Aided Design (CAD)

You can use Sketchup Make which is simple and easy to clear concepts of 3D.

You Can download Sketchup Make from

Now you need to check  few tools to start.

Line, Rectangle , Circle, Eraser   ( Drawing tools same as Paint)

Offset, Pull-Push ( Extrude), ( Modify and 3D tools)

By using below Youtube Playlist

this is still incomplete blog Come back we will have one presentation which you can run in class to teach 3D.


Exporting them in STL

Slicing in Cura

Printing in your Printer.