Students are so much creative and can do a lot more in design with resources available in Atal Tinkering Lab. But we always face a problem to take their creativity out and that also in mass which is always difficult for teachers to get them interested and initiate making things.

Here is Paper Tower PreTinkering Workshop with a full guideline to conduct in your ATL which will add a lot of challenges and get their mindsets to think out of the box.

Conduct a 60 minutes creative workshop in your ATL with low-cost resources available from the immediate environment and teach about structure design, material science, gravity, load, balance and teamwork to students.


To make a student understand how to structure design work and its reaction to load factors.
( many engineering graduates fails to understand this after 4-year study which would be easily taught in this workshop)

Resource needed

  • 20 Newspaper full-size pages per team
  • 1 Sellotape per team

A mentor/leader can handle 6 teams at a time for proper coordination but you can increase up to 10 teams.

we recommend 3-4 students in a team
Teachers can also participate in workshop its fun to learn.

The time required 60 minutes.

  • 5 min for forming teams and settling down
  • 5 min instruction and marking 2 feet x 2 feet on the floor.
  • 25 min to let them design and make their structure
  • 15 min pitching from students explaining their structure and their journey of learning
  • 10 min to conclude the workshop with learning and discussing concepts.



Size, weight, joint and shape is more important in foundation design it is the first stage which is going to support structure.  As students increase height, they will start to understand its importance with context to the centre of gravity and load distribution. 

Material strength 

Strength play important role in taking the load and transferring it to other members from top to bottom of the structure.

Structure Geometry

As they raise height they will practice with different designs and indefinity best workable to implement the structure. learning from truss arrangements and triangle as perfect shape for load transfer.

Photo Credits:  Atal Tinkering Lab, Sheth Amulakh Vidhyalaya, Gota, Ahmedabad.