Components Used :

  • 1 x Arduino Uno ( You can use other boards also )
  • 1 x Keypad 4 x 4
  • 1 x LCD 16 x 02
  • 1 x Breadboard
  • Resistor 220 ohm
  • Potentiometer 10k


This project we will have how to make a homemade security panel system with keyboard and LCD display.

Quick points

  • This is a basic program to make a security system.
  • You have type of LCD
    • 2 x 16 LCD


Min Required – 30 mins

Lines of Code



  1. Take Breadboard, Keypad and LCD 16 X2.
  2. First, we will connect LCD to Arduino.
  3. Connect the GND of Arduino to the breadboard and the GND of LCD serial with it.
  4. Now connect +5V of the Arduino to the breadboard and the VCC LCD serial with it.
  5. Next is the Vo pin on which we can attach a potentiometer for the contrast of the display.
  6. Connect Rs pin of LCD to A0 pin of Arduino.
  7. Connect RW pin of LCD to GND on the breadboard.
  8. Now connect E, D4, D5, D6, and D7 of LCD to A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 pin of Arduino respectively.
  9. Now connect the A(anode) pin of LCD to the +5v on breadboard and K pin of LCD to the GND on the breadboard.
  10. Connect then other pins of the potentiometer to the GND and +5V of the breadboard.
  11. Now Connection of Keypad 4X4 and LED connection.
  12. The one by one Keypad pins will be connected respectively to the digital 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 pins of the Arduino.
  13. The RED and GREEN LED will be attached to the breadboard.
  14. The negative of LED will be connected to the GND on the breadboard and the positive of LED will be connected with the resistor and the both LED to the pin D10 and D11 of the Arduino.
  15. Connect Arduino to your Laptop/PC by USB Cable.( we use A to B USB cable for Arduino which is also used in printers )
  16. Open Arduino IDE ( You can download it from here you can use online platform Arduino Web editor )
  17. Go to File > New type the code given above.
  18. Check program, save it and then upload it.
  19. You can type from the keypad and then displayed in LCD.