You need to start with basic challenges in Coding which will help you to clear logic one by one.

Coding has below basic logic which you need to understand.

So you need only a few components

  1. Arduino UNO – 1 nos
  2. LEDs – 15 nos
  3. Breadboard – 1 nos
  4. Jumper wire M-M – 15 nos
  5. Push Button – 5 nos
  6. Potentiometer – 3 nos

By using this component you can easily learn sensor level programming.

We will start with basic challenges

1) Blink LED  Click to check how to make a circuit

This is the first step for understanding how code get uploaded in Arduino and how you can check your board and IDE is working perfectly or not.

what do you learn in Code?

  • Void Setup (Once at the start)
  • Void Loop ( Keeping looping )
  • Pinout ( Adding pin number in code as Input or Output )
  • digitalwrite ( Adding state as High or Low )
  • HIGH ( It supply 5 volts to defined pin )
  • LOW ( It supply Ground current to defined pin )
  • Delay ( add time delay to specific logic )

2)Play with Multiple LEDs

Now you have already done one LED so brainstorm and try to do 6 LED control altogether.
Try to make different Pattern.

Hint: You can change Delay and add more Pinouts

what do you learn in Code?

  • Adding more pins
  • Control with placing one by one according to the pattern.

3) Control LED Pattern on Button Press

You need to understand If else programming which will help to understand its basic with digital input on buttons