In this experiment, we will learn about how to display intensity of light with LDR.

Components Used for Simple Blink LED with Delay : 

  • 1 x Arduino Uno ( You can use other boards also )
  • 2 x Jumper Wires M-M
  • 1 x LED
  • 1 x 10k resistor
  • 1 x 220 ohm resistor
  • 1 x Breadboard
  • LDR


By this experiment, we will understand that how LDR can control LED.



  1. Take Breadboard
  2. Take LED it will have one big leg (+) which is a positive and small leg which is Negative.
  3. Press that two legs and remember which one is a big one ( You can even bend big leg so it’s easy to identify for further reference.
  4. Now take 2 M-M jumper wires
  5. Take LED and connect a 220-ohm resistor to the long leg of LED in the breadboard.
  6. Now take Arduino and connect another leg of the resistor to Pin 13 (digital pin  13) and short leg of led to GND of Arduino.
  7. Now take LDR and attach to the breadboard. with 10K resistor to its big leg.
  8. Then connect small leg of LDR to +5V  and the big leg of LDR connected with the resistor is attached to A0  pin in Arduino.
  9. The other leg of the resistor is connected to the GND on Arduino.
  10. Check once again with a circuit to avoid any short circuit.
  11. Connect Arduino to your Laptop/PC by USB Cable.( we use A to B USB cable for Arduino which is also used in printers )
  12. Open Arduino IDE ( You can download it from here or you can use online platform Arduino Web editor ).
  13. Check program and then upload it.

Lines of Code: